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Lesbian Lexicon is a 100% FREE Lesbian ONLY Meet-up / Lesbian Social Networking & Lesbian ONLY Dating website. 

FAQ LESBIAN LEXICON - The Best 100% Free online Lesbian Dating Service & Lesbian Social Networking Community

"Why can't I see anything, I cannot view profiles, post blogs or anything"

This is a very common question and the answer is simple. Upon registration, the system will send a verification Email to the Email address you provided when you Joined Lesbian Lexicon. Sometimes this Email ends up in your spam folder and it may take up to 15 minutes to be recieved, depending on who provides your Email.

"How do I search for members in my area"

On the top menu bar, there is an icon for a person, click on this and it will show you all the members starting from the most recently active. On the bottom of that page you will see the search parameters. Keep in mind, due to how some people choose to fill out forms, many members do not spell city names right or leave out their postal code. In addition, by limiting your search to your neighbouring area, you are missing out on thousands of awesome ladies who may very well be willing to move to meet you. :)

"After editing my profile, I suddenly cannot see anything, it is like I am new again"

This is a security measure and nothing to worry about. When a member edits their profile, it is put into a review status. This means a moderator needs to review your profile and reactivate it. If your profile is not activated within 24 hours, please feel free to contact me, Leslie, via the contact page and I will take care of it for you.

"How do I get listed on the Featured Members list"

Simply make your avatar a recent photo of yourself.

"How do I change my profile?"

On the top menu bar, there is an Icon which looks like either an umbrella or a speedometer. This is the Member Dashboard and includes a number of options and features. Call it your own personal home page.

"I am not Out yet and do not want my family and friends to find me by searching for my name"

This is precisely the reason why non members or unapproved members cannot view any profiles. The entire inner content of Lesbian Lexicon is hidden from search engines. Although many other sites use member profiles as well as fake member pictures to entice new members, Lesbian Lexicon does not. We feel member privacy and security is more valuable than outer appearance. Our members know what is beyond these walls and that is all that matters. :)

"I clicked on a link and it said I had to pay for a membership"

You probably clicked on an ad link or were redirected to an advertisers site. Lesbian Lexicon will NEVER ask for any money to access ANY site features on the Best 100% Free Lesbian Meet-up / Lesbian Social Networking / Lesbian Dating / Lesbian Personal ad site.

"What are the features of Lesbian Lexicon?"

Free Features currently include, but are not limited to:
   - Free Lesbian Member Blogs
   - Free Lesbian Forums (Currently being repaired)
   - Free Lesbian Chat rooms - Yes, the chat room is back
   - Free Lesbian Personal ads
   - Free Lesbian Photo Albums
   - Free Lesbian Tube, post a video Personal ad or showcase your Talent to the members
   - Free Lesbian Events page

and the list goes on. As our budget permits, we will be adding new features, in fact, we are currently in the process of revamping the Best Lesbian Only Social Networking, Lesbian Only Dating, Lesbian Meet-up, Lesbian Personal ads website. This is a very time consuming project as the entire site is being revamped and we will be using a different platform entirely. This is really an exciting project and we are taking all member feedback into consideration when designing the new Lesbian Lexicon. If you have any suggestions, please contact me, Leslie, via the Lesbian Lexicon contact page on the main site.
  • 100 % Free. Yes, everything on the site is free, there is NO paid membership
  • Member managed, Yes, as a member, you have a say in the site features. If you want something added, bring it up to the membership and we will pull some funds out of our community ad buck bucket and see what we can do
  • PRIVATE LESBIAN ONLY COMMUNITY. You will notice all non member area's are void of any member information. Yes, this would make the site more appealing to visitors, but that just exposes many of the members who may not be out yet.



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