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Lesbian Lexicon is a 100% FREE Lesbian ONLY Meet-up / Lesbian Social Networking & Lesbian ONLY Dating website. 

ABOUT LESBIAN LEXICON - The Best 100% Free online Lesbian Dating Service & Lesbian Social Networking Community

The most common question from new members of Lesbian Lexicon is "What's the catch, nothing in life is free?" Well, when you look at all the other supposidly "Free Lesbian Personals" sites out there, it is easy to understand where the scepticism comes from. Just to ease your mind, Lesbian Lexicon is a 100% FREE Lesbian Social Networking, Lesbian Dating, Lesbian Personal ads site because we are not doing this for the money.

"What???" you say, "That sounds like a load of... why the banner ads then?"  Well, yes there is some cash flow from the couple of ads we have on the site, even though Lesbian Lexicon is managed by you, the members of the Best Lesbian ONLY personal ad, Lesbian Social Networking and Lesbian Dating website, there are costs associated with running and hosting a Free Lesbian Social Networking and dating website.

Most websites, and I won't mention names but they are very popular, make millions of dollars by selling the information of their members. At Lesbian Lexicon, we do NOT sell any member information, nor do we actively target ads to information in your Personal profile.

FREE BANNER AD SPACE FOR LGBTQ Supporting Community Groups and Events
"I am organising a event for the LGBTQ community in my city" Well, we have a treat for you. Not only is membership and access to ALL website features at Lesbian Lexicon 100% Free, we also have free ad space for LGBTQ Supporting organizations. I'm not talking a cheasy little bi-line in the nether regions of the site either, I'm talking about a Front page Banner Ad. Yes, the Best Lesbian Only Social Networking and Lesbian Dating / Lesbian Personal ads website just got better by GIVING AWAY FREE AD SPACE.

Unfortunately, not to many organizations are aware of our FREE LGBTQ Promotion offer. For that reason, we need your help. If you know of any, or belong to an organization which supports the LGBTQ community, please let Leslie know via the Contact page. In the past, Lesbian Lexicon has promoted various organizations and events from the L-Project against LGBTQ bullying as well as several Pride events around the world.

In addition to Free ad space, Lesbian Lexicon, the Best Lesbian Only Social Networking, Dating, Personal ads community, also has a Member Events Calendar to which Members can post their upcoming LGBTQ events. So if you are planning a Lesbian Meet-up in your community, you can promote it for free at Lesbian Lexicon. In fact, feel free to contact Leslie and I will put the power of the Best Lesbian Only Dating / Lesbian Social Networking / Lesbian Personal ad website behind your event. Yup, free promotion :) After all, Lesbian Lexicon is all about the community.

FREE FEATURES of the Best Lesbian Only Social Networking, Lesbian Only Dating, Lesbian Personals, Lesbian Meet-up website.

First of all, unlike other "Free Lesbian Dating" websites, ALL of the growing list of features at the Best Lesbian Only Dating, Lesbian Social Networking, Lesbian Personals. Lesbian Meet-up website are completely 100% Free for ALL MEMBERS. Keep in mind, of course, we do not approve everyone who joins. For example, those who seek to scam our membership by pretending to be someone they are not, will not be allowed. Boys pretending to be Lesbians because of some movie they saw, will not be allowed. Male / Female couples looking to expand their sex life by including a lady in their sexcapades, will not be allowed (That is for

Free Features currently include, but are not limited to:
   - Free Lesbian Member Blogs
   - Free Lesbian Forums (Currently being repaired)
   - Free Lesbian Chat rooms - Yes, the chat room is back
   - Free Lesbian Personal ads
   - Free Lesbian Photo Albums
   - Free Lesbian Tube, post a video Personal ad or showcase your Talent to the members
   - Free Lesbian Events page

and the list goes on. As our budget permits, we will be adding new features, in fact, we are currently in the process of revamping the Best Lesbian Only Social Networking, Lesbian Only Dating, Lesbian Meet-up, Lesbian Personal ads website. This is a very time consuming project as the entire site is being revamped and we will be using a different platform entirely. This is really an exciting project and we are taking all member feedback into consideration when designing the new Lesbian Lexicon. If you have any suggestions, please contact me, Leslie, via the Lesbian Lexicon contact page on the main site.
  • 100 % Free. Yes, everything on the site is free, there is NO paid membership
  • Member managed, Yes, as a member, you have a say in the site features. If you want something added, bring it up to the membership and we will pull some funds out of our community ad buck bucket and see what we can do
  • PRIVATE LESBIAN ONLY COMMUNITY. You will notice all non member area's are void of any member information. Yes, this would make the site more appealing to visitors, but that just exposes many of the members who may not be out yet.



Free Social Site For Lesbians to mingle and hook-up

So Put Away Your Credit Card, you will not need it here




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